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(This device is phased out, it is impossible to purchase it. Its successor is the SKN_SPZ)


SPZ10 controller is designed to support mashing and brewing process. It consists of two elements – control panel and operating part. This unit controls a mixer of any type and heaters up to 8kW in total (they can be connected in delta, star, 1, 2 or 3 phases). Power supplied to heaters is smoothly regulated within 0 – 100% in steps by 1%. However, 50% does not mean the heaters operate continuously with half of their power, but they are turned On and Off for the same time. Special algorithm takes care to maintain precisely the temperature in specified time intervals and to not exceed the temperature gradient set. Thanks to it, the temperature error is about 10 times smaller then in case of classic thermostat systems. Additionally, this controller features a function to detect boiling irrespective of the existing conditions or temperature sensor errors. The advantage of this function is also increased energy savings and reduced risk of boiling over.

Manual module embedded, allows the users to terminate the process and any time and control the outputs according to their own discretion (power regulation, mixer On/Off). Herein, temperature monitoring is available, as well as timer with resetting function and audible signal after counting down the specified time intervals. Popular DS18b20 in stainless steel capillary tube is used as the temperature sensor. SPZ10 is able to send data to PC (RS232), where the entire process can be presented and archived by means of eChart program.

Functions in short:
Possibility to define up to 8 stages temperature/time with various methods of time count down.
- Calculation of the time remained to process end with taking into account the existing conditions.
- Possibility to suspend, move to next stage or terminate the operation at any time.
- Operation in manual mode with temperature and time monitoring.
- Automatic matching of heaters power with possibility to limit the gradient and maximum power when the mashes are extremely dense.
- Possibility to calibrate the temperature sensor and the display contrast.
- Operation parameters influenced by the regulator algorithm and boiling detection function, what makes it possible to adapt the controller to any boiler.
- Diagnosis of the sensor and memory.
- Reset of settings to factory default values.
- Archiving the batches of brewed beer by means of PC software.

The set is complete and includes: Operating part, panel with 2 m cable, temperature sensor with 1 m cable. Optional cable (DB9 plug) for connection with PC.

If you know nothing about homebrewing and would like to taste something really good, but you think it is impracticable and expensive – Nothing could be further from the truth! Homebrewing as well as other home-made products like bread, sausage or ham capture more and more popularity. By clicking the above banner you will be moved to an interesting forum with many experienced and helpful persons. There is a map at the top of the page – perhaps someone from your neighborhood would share his/her delicacy with you. One thing is sure, if you take an interest in this subject you would be bitten by this bug.

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