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CNC milling

We invite you to make use of our services in range of CNC milling in soft materials (milling of enclosures for electronics, profiles, surface engraving). We handle even single-pieces quantities, we ensure repeatability, quick executions and reasonable prices. If the machining is feasible at all, usually our offer turns out to be the best. It is easy to confirm it, please get cost estimations from a few service providers and finally come and knock on our doors.

How to prepare for cost estimation/machining?

Preferred files are Corel9, dxf in 1:1 scale with datum feature indicated on a repeatable enclosure point (e.g. screw hole, filler spot, etc.). If the enclosure is with recess for front panel and the front panel will be used, then one of the LED seats could be assigned as the datum feature. Please bear in mind that not all the enclosures are symmetrical, even though its documentation says so. It’s worth to comply with the above advices – the work would not need to be repeated if actually the machining would be done.

If you accept the cost estimation, please send the enclosure master (if it exists), and the necessary elements of the structure: PCB, connectors, front panel, etc., for the purpose of continuous control of the work.

In case of any doubt please do not hesitate to contact us.