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SPPv2 (combustion controller/feeder)

Gross Price: 917,00 PLN /
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SPPv2 controller is designed to control an automatic boiler with fuel feeder and heating instillation consisting of many circuits. It is a successor of the SPP controller and its algorithm. Priority, and the main concept of this unit, is to run the burner in stable and economic way. For its correct operation, as for the most simple controllers, it is necessary to define a few basic parameters, such as blow-in force, feeding time and pause. During operation, the controller decides itself when to feed the fuel and how to control the blow-in. The controller evaluates its operation and if there is such a need, it can suggest to the user to change the dose.

Characteristic feature of this controller, distinguishing it from other devices, is that the blower does not change its speed smoothly but depending on the required boiler power runs with constant speed and pulses of various duration. The advantage of such method is higher certainty of supplying the air to difficult spots of the burner as well as better uniformity of the fuel and air dose within wide range of the furnace operation power. The characteristic voltage/blower output is meaningless here, so there is also no need to use particular blower model or later change to such a model.

Basic programming of this controller to ensure correct fuel burning is simple. Getting more familiar with the unit, or if necessary to cope with “difficult burning” the user may change or add series of functions, which certainly will help with better fuel burning.

The controller provides more options for control of the devices, except the basic central heating and central hot water circuits, it also makes possible to control the central hot water circulation, mixing valve and two freely configurable outputs O1 and O2, thus giving the user possibility to control up to four independent heating circuits. Each of them may have its own time zone and two temperature setpoints, active at suitable time of day.

Additionally, the central hot water circulation and boiler temperature obtained their own zones. Number of inputs is also increased to make it possible to connect additional sensors (e.g. ambient temperature sensor, indoor temperature sensor). Up to five PPXv2 panels create user interfaces. They have LCD graphic display 128x64 pixels with embedded temperature sensor, which can be used by the room temperature regulator function. This controller can be also operated by www browser via website, and its software can be easily upgraded by means of the SD micro card.

The newest addition operating with this controller is the flow converter, it enables the controller to work as a heat meter. The user gets clear information on the burning efficiency (depending on the use method), and the real fuel calorific value, cost of kWh. The heat meter data archiving and presentation is strongly supported with the interface at the website.


Functions in short:
Temperature stabilization based on proprietary „modulation of the blower operation time” (PID).
- Fuel consumption measurement in 24-hour cycle and instantaneous.
- Measurement of fuel remaining in the container and calculation of autonomy.
- Possibility of extension with the heat meter function.
- Graphic LCD display with high contrast.
- Possibility of remote control from the living area via PPXv2 panel or by the web browser via the BET gate.
- Function of furnace keeping up at its low power.
- Interlocking boiler operation at low power and therefore low efficiency.
- Additional function reducing furnace black and cinder formation.
- Two independent temperature protections (program and integrated with temperature sensor).
- Intelligent central hot water container loading with priority, circulation and return protection functions.
- Possibility to control up to four heating circuits.
- Two freely configurable outputs (e.g. room regulators, control outputs).
- Operation of mixing valve.
- Nine temperature sensors + 4 sensors embedded in control panels.
- Offset on the basis of ambient temperature.
- Time zones for automatic temperature changes and interlocking of the selected system elements.
- Possibility of individual and free of charge software upgrading.
- Embedded help system.
- Possibility to customize the information displayed.
- Fault diagnosis.
- Industrial front sticker, resistant to boiler-room climate, momentary contact with fire, moisture and some chemicals.
- 30-month warranty.

The set contains:
Controller in enclosure, PPXv2 panel with bracket, 200 cm cable for PPX, screws.
- BETv2 integrated in the mainboard.
- Boiler and exhaust sensor (90 cm), central hot water sensor (300 cm), other sensors 200 cm. There are no T1 and T2 nor return sensors.
Glands for receivers cables, supply cable (150 cm), IEC connectors (so called PC connectors) for the blower and feeder.   

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