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SKNv3 (full distiller controller)

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SKNv3 controller is a successor of the SKNv2. It is designed to control LM/VM distillation column process, thanks to special features it significantly facilitate process running, or even

makes it automatic. The controller can operate in two modes: OVM or OLM – proper selection is done in additional settings menu. OVM mode is characterized by the use of motorized valve between the column and Liebig cooler, which thanks to electronic control of its opening rate makes it possible to control the steams and thus the speed of hearts receiving, in this case speed reduction could be done automatically. OLM mode is characterized by hearts receiving with the use of two electrovalves, where one of them switches ON only once for preset time. The aim is to rinse out the “OLM shelf” and tubes of the undesirable fractions. All the low-voltage electrovalves are controlled in advanced way, therefore their heating up is reduced and lifetime extended.

The controller operates with CZK bolecki-branded flooding sensor, thanks to it the column flooding can be fully automatic. During execution of the other steps, this sensor can be used as a protection against abnormal operation. Advantage of the CZK sensor is that its installation does not require to interfere in the column construction – does not reduce the pipe bore, and the measurement itself is contactless, from its external side. Process running became even more precise and repeatable thanks to use of the ambient pressure sensor. Menu of this controller is divided into three groups (hidden settings, operation menu, basic settings menu), setting the process flowchart is done with text rules – without strange and incomprehensible icons. Enclosure of the operating part is made so as to cover the mostly used heater model and high-voltage connections.


The main features of the equipment:

- Two independent outputs for the 16A 230/400V heaters control.
- Cooling water electrovalve (NO relay output, 230V)
- Three electrovalves for OLM mode (max 12V, 1A, NC).
- Motorized valve to control steams receiving in OVM mode.
- Three thermometers with 0.01°C resolution, professionally made (stainless steel tube, appropriate filling material).
- Contactless, multi-step column flooding sensor.
- Ambient pressure sensor to compensate the “temperature of the day” and the points of transition to tails or process end.
- Graphic display with high contrast, intelligible graphics and text descriptions.
- Saving the process course on SD card, and possibility to upgrade the software by users themselves

The set at the above price includes:

- Control panel with stainless steel bracket.
- Three DS18B20 sensors in stainless steel tubes 6x200 mm (2 x 2 m, 1 x 1m).
- Operating part with 1,5 m cable to control panel .
- Enclosure for operating part with a seat and cable for water valve.
- SD card.

When purchasing the controller, you can also purchase:

- CZK flooding sensor
- 1/2” motorized valve
- 1/8” or 1/4" stainless steel electrovalve.

Users should arrange themselves:
- Wiring not mentioned above.
- Cable gland for the gray enclosure (depending on the supply cable diameter, e.g. PG14).



Video presenting installation and operation of the column flooding sensor

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