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SKN-SPZ10 homebrewing controller

Gross Price: 0,00 PLN /
Product unavailable

A successor of SPZ10. Hardware is based on SKNv3 controller, however it has different software and one M10 threaded sensor instead of three sensors 6x50 mm without thread. Users can change the software themselves by means of the SD card, and use this unit as the distillation column controller.


Main features of this device:
- Two independent outputs to control 16A 230/400V heaters.
- Relay output to control the mixer (NO relay output, 230V).
- Graphic display with high contrast, intelligible graphs and text descriptions.
- Saving the operation course to SD card, and possibility to upgrade the software by a user.

The set at the above price includes:
- Control panel with stainless steel bracket.
- DS18b20 sensor in tube with M10 thread (100 cm cable).
- Operating part with 1,5 m cable to control panel.
- Enclosure for operating part with a seat and cable for water valve.
- SD card.

Users should arrange themselves:
- Wiring not mentioned above.
- Cable gland for the gray enclosure (depending on the supply cable diameter, e.g. PG14). 

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