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RGN (Heater and temperature regulator)

Gross Price: 258,00 PLN /

RGN is pretty and small device designed as heater power regulator. Can work with 230V AC supply and continuous load at 16A (~3500W). Inside have SSR relay with active cooling (fan) and over temperature protection. Power regulation is done with 1% resolution and use "group method". Parallel with power regulator it can work as thermostat and may automatically terminate its operation when the temperature on the sensor connected reaches a set up value. As external temperature sensor is used  popular DS18b20 who work in 0,1 resolution


  • Current up 16A.
  • 100 step's for power regulation.
  • Buildt in SSR with active cooling and thermal switch.
  • Power settings in % or kW mode.
  • Possibility to set power value after each turn on. (last use value, particular value, turn off).
  • Possiblity to display temperature from inside SSR or external sensor alternately with power settings.
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