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MSR -P (multi-thermometer/regulator)

Gross Price: 232,00 PLN /
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MSR is a device with wide spectrum of applications – it performs a role of thermometer, pressure meter, data logger, alarm. In addition, it could be supplied from a battery.

Temperature measurement is done through popular DS18b20 sensors, indications of which are interpolated to 0,01oC resolution – up to five of such sensors could be connected. And as a sixth sensor you can use the A25 bolecki-branded element, it allows to perform measurements with 0,001oC resolution. You should not expect from the A25 truly laboratory parameters, however it fulfils its task even in more serious applications.

Additional pressure module makes it possible to measure pressure difference in two points and ambient pressure. Both these sensors have 0,1 hPa resolution, and the differential sensor is compensated with temperature. Its operation in non-aggressive condensate environment is acceptable. Practically, it means it is suitable for measuring a pressure existing e.g. in distillation column.

Each of the measurement points can have low and high alarm thresholds set, as well as user-friendly name, which will appear not only on the display but also in logs saved into SD card. Thanks to SD card, users may upgrade the controller software themselves.

Main screen of this units consists of two adjacent images, with 6 fields on each where users can enter the sensors being in their interest and statuses of these sensors. Thanks to it, you can quickly and easily monitor quite many parameters, and the key parameters you can have always in your sight.

Function of the power controller is based on so called group regulator (e.g. 50% means the element turns On and Off in cycles every 5 s). Such operation mode is perfect to control heaters power. Power set by the user is specified right away in kW, not in percent. The regulator block is permanently connected with two sensors, if they exceed alarm threshold the regulator deactivates the output. This function is useful e.g. during distillation process run, where it is desirable to turn Off the heaters after exceeding suitable temperature in the KEG or cooler. This unit also mates with the MSR-W module, which is an operating part that controls heaters and a power supply.

The panel is supplied with 5V, from such sources like USB port, phone battery charger or powerbank. Thanks to powerbank supply and low energy consumption (~250mW) it can operate many hours in places without mains.

When using the MSR-W module, external supply for the controller is not needed.

Supply voltage: 5V +/-0,2V
Average power consumption: <50mA
DS18b20 measurement range : -30...105°C
DS18b20 resolution: 0,01°C (interpolated, physical resolution 0,06°C)
A25 resolution: 0,001°C (interpolated, physical resolution 0,003°C)
Range and resolution of ambient pressure: 300-1200hPa/ 0,1hPa
Range and resolution of additional pressure +300hPa in relation to REF/ 0,1hPa
Operation environment: -5...40°C, 95%RH without condensate.

Manual for version 1.01 applies to controllers with 1x10A output (phased out)
Manual for version 1.03 applies to controllers with 2x10A output (available now)

The set includes: 
- Panel with display and stainless steel bracket
- A25 probe with 1m cable
- User’s manual

- MSR-W operating part module
- Adapter for pressure measurement
- Additional DS18B20 sensors
- SD card.

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