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MSR-W (operating part)

Gross Price: 169,00 PLN /
Product unavailable

Additional module to the MSR control panel, being an operating part that controls heaters and a power supply. The panel in fact controls only one output, but the board allows to select one of the following operation modes by means of a jumper:
1- Both outputs turn On and Off at the same time.
2- One output is activated constantly and the other modulates with signals from the control panel. This output will be deactivated a few seconds after the other.

Each of the channels could be loaded with up to 10A, what in case of 230V gives total power of 4,8kW, and 8kW in case of 400V heaters. Similarly as in case of the SKN controller, the enclosure is made so as to cover the entire high-voltage installation and heater. It has got active cooling and internal temperature sensor, which could stop operation of the module when overheated. Cable connecting operating part with the panel is of 200 cm length.

Technical details are described In the MSR controller manual 

The set includes:
- MSR-W operating board with 200cm supply cable.
- Grey enclosure with opening and screws.

Users should arrange themselves a cable gland (e.g. PG14) depending on the supply cable diameter. 


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